Arid and Marginal Lands Recovery Consortium (ARC)

    This project?s goal is to ensure enhancement of livelihoods by improving access to credit facilities and linkages to markets for the pastoralists in Northern Kenya. The project mainstreams responses to both HIV/AIDS and gender inequity, and plans to develop a socially responsible and commercially sustainable livestock marketing model that mainstreams the two areas. The short term strategy of this project is action to mitigate the effects of the food crisis through a cash for work program which includes the poorest of the poor, while the longer term strategy is to implement sustainable activities that strengthen and diversity livelihoods through viable economic opportunity and targets practicing pastoralists. The intended outcome is to have lives and livelihoods that are protected, and productive community assets created or strengthened that benefit the longer term market linkage activities. This project is funded by OFDA through a partnership with FH.

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